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Start your business Advertising now! Its easy and WavyAds® makes and sells many special Products direct to the end user, you can begin immediately. Our range of Outdoor Advertising Products and Marketing and Advertising suppliers are sent to many many towns in Australia... from the City to the Bush. Regional, Rural and Remote. Once your unit arrives, plug it in and your away! Everyone will come to you.

You can Buy online and we will pack your unit ready to start instantly. From our factory, we can supply direct to you.
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Perth Product Image Gallery and Client Use

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Take a quick video of how you are using your blimp, and we will also help promote your site by giving you a free link.


Air Blown Inflatable Characters by WavyAds®

Deliveries around Au everyday, you can buy direct from our factory.

You can also see all the cartoons used on this website here > Cartoons


Air vents though the head and hands ensuring that your unit is moving.

Air vents though the head and hands ensuring that your unit is moving.

Perth Red Faced man ads

Different facial expression and different looks are achieved by the man. Each time the arms sway around. The red face and red body can chosen from the most popular color list and or we can craft a corporate color for you.

Perth inflatables - we can send to any perth business

Perth inflatables are easy, we can send this wacky waving man direct to your door. Using an inflatable kite man like ours soon has your customers in delight.

different facial expression on the wacky waving man

The face determines the theme color and the arms are different per each model. You can select from our standard inflatable range or we can make a custom for you.

Man ready to blow up the inflatable advertiser kite

From our factoy, we send items all through Australia. Over 10 years in business means you get true quality fast.

Vertical air flow with power ful force keeps our products flying more

The outdoor blower is very powerful and keeps your waver vertical. We are very proud of our quality products. Vertical blown air flow with power ful force keeps our products flying more. Genuine materials made to last!

The panelled fabric is made to suit the inflatable advertising figure with pleasing appeal. Each Airdancer figure for advertising comes with animated expression, hair and hands. From Perth to Melbourne, Sydney to Brisbane, we make airdancers nationally and very cheap. Buy direct and save.

Our Aussie team know how to help you. You can call anytime for assistance, we look forward to making your business busier.



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Read MoreMade to get attention: The extra bright colors make the shape really stand out. The hands, feet and centre sections of the body are all slightly different so that as the balloon sways and floats in the wind, the attractive colors also pick up the eye. Each inflatable cartoon balloon character we have has different colored face. The face color determines the code


We are very glad to bring to you a very high quality and importantly durability of product. We understand that if your business is displaying your products, you need to be seen as quality too. You can now buy online and receive discounts.

You can place your new inflatable character at the front of your store or shop and begin attracting new clients immediately. The blowing caricatures we supply really do grab your attention.

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Buy the original and best tube wind advertisers from WavyAds®

Ideal for business conditions. Bring in more customers to your business with powerful eye attention grabbers. Call for any assistance.

September 2010
All units include the blimp body, an industrial grade blower, safety mesh on blower and fitting panel. Now also with NEW shiny material & NEW Night Glow lamp You can open your parcel, plug it in and begin to advertise your business Products within minutes. Easy to use and very effective!

Advertising with a personal appeal You will hear comments from your customers such as, noticed your waving man out the front, it just waved at me, I saw you more than a kilometre away. These Inflatable characters make ideal Outdoor advertisements and are very cheap to Buy online from our store.