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Start your business Advertising now! Its easy and WavyAds® makes and sells many special Products direct to the end user, you can begin immediately. Our range of Outdoor Advertising Products and Marketing and Advertising suppliers are sent to many many towns in Australia... from the City to the Bush. Regional, Rural and Remote. Once your unit arrives, plug it in and your away! Everyone will come to you.

You can Buy online and we will pack your unit ready to start instantly. From our factory, we can supply direct to you.

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Blow up cold air inflatable make your ads safe.

The powerful fan includes a top and underside grill for 'anti blade touching' mesh prevention. 


Cold air inflation makes your inflatable safeThere are no gases or hot air elements involved.

Expansion and inflation is all cold air.


All our standing waving air men are made with results in mind. Our company, now having supplied and manufactured over 3000 projects now understands the importance of your advertising professionalism.


Avoid the traps of a cheap imported product. Customer quickly know what is good and what is not when they see your outdoor advertising.

NB: We give you more color, more definition, size and depth than any other 'cheap import imitation'. Buy the original and buy the best.


Albums of customer work > More Pictures or Shop & Prices




Blow up advertising is amazing powerfulBlow up advertising

Standing blow up advertising is amazingly powerful and people see your entire business frontage. Because we have so many in bulk, the prices now are so cheap you can buy in preference to hire. Kept at the optimum size of six meters high, you business frontage is alive with color and movement. This is the best point of the ads, color and movement. There are many choices we keep as a standard range (see here) and you can, if the need is there also order custom shapes, colors and themes.




No gases or Helium


No Gases or Helium is needed with your inflatable advertising balloonAll our standing giant inflatable are internally wind driven. We do not hold any helium or gassed balloon styles. The product range available are all cold air transfer. The inflation works by a fan forcing wind upwards through the fabric cylinders (body & arms) venting outwards via the designed vent at the tips of the head and hand. This 'O' ring vent can be adjusted by tensioning the draw string. Also, depending on the model of the fan, the wind strength can be adjusted via the variable driven servo motor.


Being Cold air, your staff are safe and will not require any special certificates or gas related safety briefings ( you should give your people safety approval before 1st operation). We recommend operating safely.




Blow up and begin advertising nowBlow up and begin advertising now


From the outset, from the time your parcel arrives you can begin. All you need is a safe power outlet (standard 240 volt) to begin. Simply plug into the electricity supply, fit the skin and turn on. All you need to begin is supplied with your kit.


We give you all you need to start!




Signs (Outdoor and Indoor)


Signs for indoor and outdoorOur company, having now completed more than 3000 projects, continues to manufacture signs, jumbo banners, skydancers letters etc for our customers. If you have needs for outdoor signs, indoor letters, building banner signs, advertising nylon wind signs etc please use the same phone number on this site. It will take you directly to the sign design people in our signage making company.





Using the latest printing machines, we also produce 'large size' stickers and decals with protective clear lamination.
From the traditional screen printing stickers techniques to now new wide printing machines direct to material, we supply a large volume of stickers and decals for people. These are available Melbourne Sydney Brisbane and Australia wide types of advertising banners air characters.



Buy Australian Grade, Australian quality


We are very proud of the quality and in particular, the fabric durability.




Brand names use our inflatable advertising productsBrand Names


Your new flying man tube blow up outdoor waving ad can also be branded with your name and putting up is easy. If you are holding an event and would like a banner sign attached, letters running up and down the torso etc just let our department know. Brand naming you new blow up advertiser is a great idea and at the gallery here you can see different examples of brand name blow up advertisers.


Send in a logo or design via pdf, illustrator, corel, etc. We have all the programs to make your brand logo on the panel area.





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Crowd Pleaser: Up on the left side, we have a link to the image gallery of different fan blown products available, it is a great way to visualize how your ad will be and what is the visual result, tubeman hire & sales, rental blow up attention waver & of new products, worth looking at.

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