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Start your business Advertising now! Its easy and WavyAds® makes and sells many special Products direct to the end user, you can begin immediately. Our range of Outdoor Advertising Products and Marketing and Advertising suppliers are sent to many many towns in Australia... from the City to the Bush. Regional, Rural and Remote. Once your unit arrives, plug it in and your away! Everyone will come to you.

You can Buy online and we will pack your unit ready to start instantly. From our factory, we can supply direct to you.
Are you thinking about a wind flag or sign or Advertising Balloon Inflatable character? .... We can supply you with GENUINE QUALITY Inflatable characters and Outdoor Advertising Products.

All Areas. We ship nationally twice per day direct from our factory in Australia.

We give you full warranties Our quality is famous and we supply directly to our customers. For events and sales, our range of Inflatable air dancers and tubies are supplied everywhere. Advertising agencies, Marketing companies, event promotors, business owners, corporate and private. Air dancers and Sky Wavers, flags and blow up Balloons. We can also help you with an Outdoor banner sign printing and supply.
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Huge Inflatable Waver Sale!! Full Inflatable Waver kit shipped Australia wide!

These pages have caricatures & images only, to buy please go here.

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Yellow Cartoons.

Inflatables Ads Yellow

"Early to bed, early to rise, then it's off to advertise".

Oh we are so talented, just wish we were funny too!

Plug n play inflatable advertising at its best

Look, its a bird, its a plane its.... in my mind

Does my butt look big in Yellow?

Wearing the Yellow jersey is my life ambition... "Viva le Waver"

Cheese I look good

"Donkey" !!!!! "Derminated" "ello", I'm Pierre the ello waver

"cool bananas man"

ooh my lady

If your good to mama, mama's good to you.


Cartoons - Yellow Based Faces.


Blow up advertising characters are superbly presented and finished with high quality material fabric that is made to swing and sway. The non tear properties are famous by our company and we supply advertising media campaigns, campaign and event management companies, managers of events and also stadium event, sporting and other public events. Melbourne Sydney Brisbane or any where in Oceania we can quickly send to your company a new ready to start inflatable advertising man or shape and balloon your results. Genuine parts, high quality and ready to use from the get go.


Colors and other features including accessories, replacement waving balloons and others are all available and many are kept as stock items in our manufacturing factory. You can buy online or telephone for an order. We can also send to you in Perth or Hobart or Darwin. Nationally express delivery or standard courier. You can rely upon each event.


  • Prospect Potts Point Avalon Sydney Blacktown

  • Rosemeadow Acacia Gardens Gordon Stanmore

  • Camden Punchbowl Liverpool Paris

  • Rozelle Chipping Norton Brookvale North Sydney Harbour

  • We can send from our factory to any town.


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Buy the original and the best Inflatables by WavyAds®

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Buy the original and best tube wind advertisers from WavyAds®

When times are tough, get waving.... and attract more customers and people. Our range of Air dancers and Sky Wavers and rooftop advertising balloons are a perfect media for bringing in customers.

Melbourne Sydney Brisbane We supply hire agencies and companies direct Nationally!

  • Melbourne Customers
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  • All areas supplied
  • 100% track record of customer success and Product satisfaction.

Our clients benefits in many many ways. Call WavyAds® Now

How to start is easy!

All you need to do is call our team. We can supply you with a standard color mix, or you can order custom colors and your custom business logo on the main section of the vertical body. We do it all, and it's done right here in Australia.

July 2018
All units include the blimp body, an industrial grade blower, safety mesh on blower and fitting panel. Now also with NEW shiny material & NEW Night Glow lamp You can open your parcel, plug it in and begin to advertise your business Products within minutes. Easy to use and very effective!

Advertising with a personal appeal You will hear comments from your customers such as, noticed your waving man out the front, it just waved at me, I saw you more than a kilometre away. These Inflatable characters make ideal Outdoor advertisements and are very cheap to Buy online from our store.

With our inflating air characters and tubies, no one can drive past you with out knowing your open... works everytime!