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Start your business Advertising now! Its easy and WavyAds® makes and sells many special Products direct to the end user, you can begin immediately. Our range of Outdoor Advertising Products and Marketing and Advertising suppliers are sent to many many towns in Australia... from the City to the Bush. Regional, Rural and Remote. Once your unit arrives, plug it in and your away! Everyone will come to you.

You can Buy online and we will pack your unit ready to start instantly. From our factory, we can supply direct to you.

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Event Advertising & Hire 


Add color, life and excitement to your event cheaply.

Entertain your crowd and liven up any mood with our waving inflatables.

Event advertising and hire



Cold air inflation makes your inflatable safeHot Idea: Place around your event, at the ticket check and entrances.

Expansion and inflation is all SAFE cold air.


All our waving men are made with safety in mind. Our company, now having supplied and manufactured over 3000 projects now understands the importance of your advertising professionalism.


It is now cheaper to buy than hire.


NB: You can still hire from us, However, today with our large bulk stock supply, you can buy direct and save on hiring costs. For hire cost, please go here HIRE COST.


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Why hire for your event when you can buy cheaper



Event Hire

Putting on the left or right flank is a great ideaBlow up advertising product hire for events is a great idea and can quickly set a great atmosphere amongst your attendees. Hot ideas for events include putting your dancing inflatable at the entrance gates, toilets, car park direction etc so that the tall dancer is easy to spot and reduces confusion if people are a little lost or do not know where to enter.


Beside a stage or left or right flank, if you are holding an event they are great for keeping attention. In between schedules, breaks etc the constant moving of the balloon makes for interest.



Pleasing and distinct it helps manage an event

Event Hire

We have noticed a distinct pleasing and fun attitude by all kinds of events when people see the dancer. It instantly creates a sense of excitement and of what's to come. Ideal for junior, teenage, adult and senior events in all categories.


Also, if hiring, we only charge from event start to return delivery. This means you can use anywhere in Australia easy.




No GasNo gases or Helium


Being cold air blow up has many advantages. Safety and fear or deflation are removed. All you need is a reliable powersource and the airdancer will continue to move and swing. Also, the tougher than normal fabric can be man handled with out tearing. We only supply 'anti tear' fabric on all our units.




Being Cold air, your staff are safe and will not require any special certificates or gas related safety briefings ( you should give your people safety approval before 1st operation). We recommend operating safely.




Do that thingDistance around the unit.

We recommend, that you allow a 4-5 metre encircling perimeter (void of any obstacles inc fences etc.) so that your inflatable can move freely as intended without touching people or structures.


Keep a minimum 4-5 metre clear space and do not place near power lines etc.





Other helpful services:

Signs (Outdoor and Indoor)


Do you also need signs, banners, Corflute signs etc to help direct people in and around your event. We also make many many signage boards including sponsors, safety, directional etc. We can even supply your car park signs. This is where our business began and we continue to make cheap event signage today for our customers.





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For hire prices, terms and conditions of hire, please go here.

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