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Start your business Advertising now! Its easy and WavyAds® makes and sells many special Products direct to the end user, you can begin immediately. Our range of Outdoor Advertising Products and Marketing and Advertising suppliers are sent to many many towns in Australia... from the City to the Bush. Regional, Rural and Remote. Once your unit arrives, plug it in and your away! Everyone will come to you.

You can Buy online and we will pack your unit ready to start instantly. From our factory, we can supply direct to you.

Huge Inflatable Waver Sale!! Full Inflatable Waver kit shipped Australia wide!

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Yellow 6m Wavers The Yellow is the most popular 'rainbow' of colors and can be used as a backdrop for many corporate colors. The inflatable tube waving man for sale consists of many panels and bright colorful flapping arms.


Prices > Blue mix of colors

Blue 6m Waver Blue color mix 6000 millimetre high blowing man with air blown vertical pump complete with all the parts and ready to use.


Prices > Green mix of colors

Green 6m Wavers Green inflatable advertising, sometimes called the walker, this advertisement stands out above the crowd and attracts lots of attention. The color combination is bright and airy with a sense of fun.


Click Menu on leftPrices > Red mix of colors

Red 6m Wavers Red base color waving man with cartoon face and eyes for sale. Ideal for placing out the front of your business to attract custom.


Prices > On SALE with color body.

Sale Now On 6m Wavers The letters are approx 450mm high and are fabric. Each letter is sewn on the body so that when the body moves to an fro, the big letters are kept in place. We do not cheap print the letters. Read more as this is a special technique we do with large fabric letters.


Variety > Most Popular outdoor advertising colors & models

Here we show you the most popular choices by customers recently.


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On Special this OctoberSee what is on offer this week. This page is changed from time to time with the latest and cheapest inflatables on the web.


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We also run promotions and offers from time to time, check them here.




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We love to show you different ways to use your advertising:


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The idea of using outdoor advertising balloons to leverage your location is the most cost effective form of outdoor advertising.

Customers see a gross increase from 10% to 50% by using outdoor inflatable. Where to buy, you can buy from this site and get your swap panels, blowers and complete flying swinging arm man direct. Easily place your wind tube waving in wind with arms in front of stores, along side your front door, raising above your rooftop, next to promotional things, your airflow dancer man with smiley face caricature becomes your next giant crowd pleaser air dancer flag can men.


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Advertising with a personal appeal You will hear comments from your customers such as, noticed your waving man out the front, it just waved at me, I saw you more than a kilometre away. These Inflatable characters make ideal Outdoor advertisements and are very cheap to Buy online from our store.