New design NOW AVAILABLE! The NEW March 2020 rooftop balloon advertising design is now in stock and ready to use. Includes many new features and better PVC Vinyl strength With better quality than ever before, your products are made to stand out!
Also ask about our signs banners and signwriting products. All you need is included. Melbourne & now all VIC Sydney & now all NSW Brisbane & now all QLD and Australia Wide Buy Direct and Save. Made for Australian Conditions.
Now available in all states! Our new 2020 range is now available for all states. In stock and ready to purchase, this is where you can buy your new rooftop balloon products direct from our factory.
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Balloon & Blimp
  • Now Open, Sale & more
  • Colorful designs attract lots of new customers
  • Bright and effective, you can also have words and logos on the side banners.
  • Rental - Our new low price policy means you can now buy cheaper.

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IN STOCK Now available direct from our warehouse.

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Its the promotion thats seen above all advertising!

The New 2020 rb5mrainbow Rooftop Balloon is sturdy and designed for all users to expose their business premise effectively. Optional banner sign writing and printing can be fitted easily to the belly of the center section.

March 2020


Everything is included: We include all the parts you need, assembled ready to use. All you need to do is lay down the product onto the floor mat (provided) and connect a safe electrical power point to the blower. Fit the  blower, connect the ropes, attach the eyeplates and weight bags ready to start. The blower and balloon are perfectly matched for best inflation day and night. Tie the structure to weight bags (not included) or to secure points. The Balloon will auto fill to the correct pressure and the special torque fan will adjust the inflation pressure automatically.


Free Bonus... Floor Base Mat for use under your WavyAds Rooftop.


Free Pro Install Kit... Included are: 10 x Eyeplates, 10 x Ropes.


Wow!... put it up, forget about it and let it do the work for you. Our designs are worry free and the material is so tough it never tears. Its advertising that works.


What space do I need?


All you need is approximately 2 - 2 1/2 car parks wide ( 5m x 5m) clear space for your diagonal weight bag positions. The design allows very tight free space spans for typical roof and verandah situations. The weight combined is approx 86kg. We suggest you use up to 25 kg for each weight bag(s) or solid blocks or (stout line) eye-strap tie down boat cleats. Ropes may also be tied to secure structures capable of such. There are plenty of tie off points included on the balloon.


Rooftop balloons by wavyads

This picture shows the final blown up design with magnificent coloring. Optional banners can be added very cheap.

Click to enlarge

Rooftop Balloons by WavyAds





The New rb5mrainbow 'Coated' is super durable and can withstand rain and excessive sun light.
Each total package sold is new (not 2nd hand) & comes with a sturdy industrial 650kw air blower (blower must be protected) You can place your new Australia cheap rooftop balloon at the entrance of your business, store or shop, on a verandah, on the roof or alongside your main trading entrance and begin getting willing clients immediately. Impressive, Powerful, Exciting and Colorful.

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National Delivery from our Australian Warehouse. You can buy online with out payment.

  • Makes signs very cheap
  • Ideal for Now open, opening soon, SALE, huge sale, discount and other business events.
  • The extra bright colors help attract attention from long distances.
  • Ideal for events, promotions, outdoor events, promoting a business and getting new customers.
  • Shipped Australia Wide
  • Melbourne Sydney Brisbane Adelaide
  • Darwin Hobart Perth Canberra
  • Now the lowest price ever, cheaper than rental this is where you can buy.

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The popular size. Now also with NEW STRONGER, MORE DURABLE MATERIAL NEW You can open your parcel, plug it in and begin to advertise your business within minutes. Available in All Areas.