This rooftop balloon is perfect for shops, factories and ground uses. 5m high x 3.6 wide gives amazing promotional value

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Rainbow Mix of Colors rb5mrainbow

Brand New Outdoor inflatable rooftop balloon for sale with all components ready to use including Eyeplates and Ropes.


       Now with '10 x' accessories kit included

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Ideal for small shops, factories, verandahs and canopies. Outdoor grade advertising.

UV coated durable material. Includes extra tie ropes and extra weight bags.


5 Metre High Rainbow Rooftop Balloon Full KIT ready to use

Complete unit ready to use including: 1 Rooftop Balloon, 10 Tie ropes, 1 base mat, Internal 650w Industrial Air Blower, Safety mesh and fitting panel. Now with new reinforced cup and 10 heavy duty eyeplates.

Prices for March 2020

Now Only: $2840.60



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Product Details: About the Balloon Advertising Product


21 Color Rooftop Balloon Kit


Ready to use straight from the box. We supply all you need to begin with your super visual gigantic signs and outdoor advertising products Australia Wide. Each rooftop balloon for sale includes all the parts you need for simple one person putting up.


Why hire when you can now buy.

Each new rb5mrainbow Package includes:


21 Colors - Vibrant Yellow, Spicy Red, Chrome Orange, Lime Green, Cyan Blue, Deep Sea Blue, Wild Purple

  • 5.4 metre high shape with approx 3.8 wide girth

  • 5.4 metre balloon belly height: 1.2m

  • Air sealed access

  • New... INTERNAL Torque driven blower matched to air volume of balloon

  • Heaps of Weight bags and thicker ropes

  • Upper reinforced rim stitches and vent strengthening

  • FREE 10 x Ropes.

  • FREE 10 x  8mm Eyeplates

  • FREE 1 x Base mat 2mX2m with eyelet edging

  • Internal reinforcing between balloon walls and 42 x stirrups

  • (Fan also includes Titanium bearings, Variable driven motor and weather flap)

  • Safety mesh shield above fan blades.

  • All Double Stitching and under fold edging.

  • Lower cup reinforcing

  • Zipper and Hook'n'loop doorway for internal access.

  • All components in 3 boxes, total weight 56kg. (approx)

    770mm x 650mm x 500mm (35kg).
    550mm x 430mm x 250mm (11kg).
    450mm x 310mm x 430mm (10kg).






Balloon height and placement


Your new unit will stand approx 5.4m high from ground level and we suggest that you have a minimum 8m clear space around your inflatable balloon for blowing in the breeze. Height must be minimum clearance 16 metres from any power line or electrical source and must not obstruct any similar facility.



Weather Conditions


You can use your unit outdoor in light rain and moderate wind speeds. The fan and electrical components are outdoor graded, but not for soaking rain.
Should you balloon fabric become wet, you can turn on your blower and it will air dry.

Strong winds will affect the vertical position of your advertiser. Please use wisely outside when the winds around you are high. All product should be dismantled if weather predictions are high.



Buy Australian grade, Australian quality


We are very proud of the quality and in particular, the fabric durability. Beware of cheap imports claiming to have the same controls we do.



Time to Deliver


Depending on your suburb, we have stock ready to go. So, we can ship out to you via a standard courier after payment, expect 1-2 days for metro Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane deliveries. 2-4 days extra for other regions of Australia.
If you would prefer to use your own transport, just let us know.






Also See


 Made to get attention: The extra bright colors make the shape really stand out. The hands, feet and centre sections of the body are all slightly different so that as the balloon sways and floats in the wind, the attractive colors also pick up the eye. Each inflatable cartoon balloon character we have has different colored face. The face color determines the code


Also Used for advertising business:

Business customers use for special event signage and public attracters. Ideal for sporting and carnival and community school fairs and events.


We are very glad to bring to you a very high quality and importantly durability of product. We understand that if your business is displaying your products, you need to be seen as quality too. You can now buy online and receive discounts.

You can place your new inflatable character at the front of your store or shop and begin attracting new clients immediately. The blowing caricatures we supply really do grab your attention.

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